Awards & recognition

Recognized as world-class

Customers, partners, associations and the industry press recognize GEFCO’s teams for strong cooperation, commitment, and smart and flexible solutions. Graphics: do by year.

“Innovation Leader” award at the Automotive Logistics Europe 2018 Conference

During the Automotive Logistics Europe Conference, GEFCO presented, along with seven other achievements, an innovative car transportation solution, My Car Is There, which was awarded Innovation Leader. 

My Car Is There (MCIT) allows a customer to organize the door-to-door transport of a single car, via a smart phone application. The technology relies on a digital platform solution to serve the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) market for the transport of individual cars. In just a few clicks, MCIT technology allows a car owner to organize the pick-up and delivery of a car to any destination with real-time track and trace convenience.

2018 IoT World Innovation Award

GEFCO’s IT department and Warehouse activity launched a joint initiative to test IoT technology for locating boxes and pallets in real time all over the world. The technical challenge was to equip 100 boxes with IoT technology to be able to locate them on a map in the cloud and easily find them on site. This was an excellent project for experimenting and learning in collaboration with GEFCO’s warehousing teams. GEFCO is in the process of researching business models for industrializing the solution.

PSA’s 2017 Supplier Awards

During the PSA Supplier Day held in May 2017, GEFCO was recognised for its productivity performance and implementation of GEFCO-PSA LABoratory based at GEFCO headquarters, which aims at jointly identifying and implementing innovation.

The Award was presented to Luc Nadal, Chairman of the Management Board of GEFCO, by Yannick Bézard, EVP for Purchasing, PSA and Yann Vincent, EVP Manufacturing & Supply Chain, PSA. GEFCO teams across the world have contributed to this success and to ensure the smooth running of PSA logistics operations every day.

Silver Award from BMW

BMW Group recognized its Argentine subsidiary with the 2016 Silver Award for the excellence of its warehousing activities and cost control. Among the German car maker’s 37 warehouses worldwide, the BMW Argentina warehouse is leading the pack. This is also a victory for the teams at GEFCO, a partner of BMW for its warehousing activities. They have managed the distribution of motorcycles and logistics for replacement parts at dealerships across Argentina since 2007.