#7 Protect our health and safety

We take every step possible to protect the health, safety and well-being of the people we work with, whether they are GEFCO employees, subcontractors or suppliers, on site or on the roads. These efforts are critical for safeguarding our ecosystem and for ensuring business continuity.


Our efforts protect our people, operations, clients and suppliers. We have vowed to protect workers on our sites, drivers on our routes and on aligning our health benefits policy on market practices worldwide.


Protect the workers on our sites

Overseen by a network of health and safety managers worldwide, our health and safety policy is,aimed, in the long term, at zero accidents in the workplace and zero occupational illnesses. The prevention of accidents and safety incidents across GEFCO operations is an absolute priority for our global leaders, local general managers and site managers, and an important focus for all our employees.


Protect the drivers on our roads

In addition to improving workplace performance, we are also dedicated to protecting our drivers on the road by actively working towards offering defensive driving trainings to 100% of internal and to have at least 70% of our external drivers trained by 2025. By requiring our carriers to train their staff, we aim to ensure safer roads for all.


Align our health benefits policy on market practices worldwide

GEFCO is increasingly seeking to go beyond standard H&S policy. We strive to align our benefits, including insurance, pension, and healthcare benefits to market practices as part of our commitment to prioritising our people.

Safe battery handling for electric vehicles

Growing demand for electric vehicles is accentuating the need to securely transport and store highly flammable batteries. Working closely with our partners, we’re continually enhancing our battery handling operations and are in the process of updating our dedicated safety procedures.

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