#3 Influence our carriers

GEFCO works with an extensive network of suppliers and subcontractors, who make contribute to our ESG performance across the supply chain. It is important for us to ensure they will respect a range of conditions and amongst them, ESG criteria.


GEFCO is committed to supporting and enhancing the journey of our partners in joining us towards achieving our scope 3 targets. We understand that success on this journey will require dedicated partnerships and collaborative efforts towards common goals, which is why we have strong commitments on duty of care, procurement procedures and engaging with our supply chain on more sustainable solutions.

Respect our duty of care
We require our partners to commit to a Sustainable Procurement Charter, that adheres to GEFCO’s Code of Ethics. It includes specific obligations for our suppliers to help us offer more sustainable solutions to our customers. while monitoring and improving practices. To limit risks in terms of Duty of Care and mitigate existing risks around Human Rights, our contract templates prohibit subcontractors from subcontracting themselves without authorization from GEFCO.

Improve procurement procedures & supplier performance
To reinforce our assurance that our standards will be respected, we work at increasing the spend covered by audit or business review. This is a way to improve global performance, adherence to our requirements and to collect good practices. We have a robust carrier management system in place that allows us to better understand and drive supplier risk management. GEFCO also conducts regular progress reviews through a process-oriented document management system, as well as supplier audits including specific ESG questions.

Engage with suppliers on higher carbon efficiency solutions 
We are ensuring continuous communication and providing clarity of our ambitions regarding CO2 emissions linked to transportation and work hand in hand with our partners to engage on a variety of solutions, e.g. eco-driving, the conversion of our fleets to Euro 6 then Euro 7 and investing in a range of alternative fuel solutions to deliver targeted, promising solutions together.

Sustainable Procurement Charter


We apply to our suppliers the same strict guidelines that we adhere to ourselves in terms of sustainability.