#5 Improve our sites’ environmental impacts

As a responsible company, we must reduce the environmental impact of our sites on the communities and ecosystems in which we operate. A significant part of this is the achieving of our CO2 reduction targets.


We are working towards a greener GEFCO, and this will be achieved through the motivation of teams to mitigate the environmental impact of our operations on sites, for example through the improvement of energy, water or waste management. Managing our environmental compliance and developing our circular economy are part of our journey.


Consume resources more efficiently
We are working to involve 100% of our sites in green initiatives by 2030, reinforcing our ambition and serving as an end-goal and as a practical guide for our teams to achieve the groupwide targets. The KPIs will be accompanied by gamification initiatives and internal awards to inspire action and knowledge sharing amongst teams.

Manage our environmental compliance
Managing our environmental compliance, we are working towards ensuring that 90% of our sites are ISO 14001 compliant by 2030. This will ensure that we are focused on the environmental management of our sites as part of our duty towards our people, partners, and local communities.

Develop our circular economy
Clients are seeking solutions to make their supply chain processes leaner and greener. In response to these demands, GEFCO offers various industrial logistics and support services, the most significant of which are our Reusable Packaging Solutions (RPS), providing proprietary reusable crates and containers for a range of logistics needs.

E-charging stations on our compounds

GEFCO’s is in the process of installing several hundreds of electric charging points on its European compounds to support the growing electric vehicle market.