#2 Engage our employees

For GEFCO to act as a Corporate citizen, we encourage all our employees to adopt our ESG commitments. We’re also aligning local volunteering, sponsorship and other charitable initiatives with our global ESG guidelines. 


The progressive integration of our ESG KPIs with annual objectives portrays our determination to reaching the groupwide ESG goals whilst boosting teem motivation. It is also an act of healthy governance, ensuring coherence towards our commitments and utilizing our ability to combine diverse avenues towards success, all the while engaging on ensuring the integration of our sites into our communities to demonstrate corporate citizenship.  


Add ESG performance criteria into relevant employee objectives 

We will integrate ESG criteria into relevant employees’ annual performance objectives to boost motivation and reward them for their involvement. Linking the objectives to employees’ responsibilities, we’re rolling out this approach with selected functions and departments before including other teams. 


Ensure the integration of our sites into our communities 

Our company and employees worldwide are actively involved in charitable work, philanthropy and community initiatives. In this way, we contribute to causes including healthcare, child welfare, community development, and education. By 2025, we are aiming to align 100% of our major sites and clusters with our global ESG guidelines. 

Community activities

Charitable and community initiatives are a way of expressing that we care and are at the very heart of our Infinite Proximity culture.