#1 Conduct business fairly and ethically

As a global leader, GEFCO has a duty to set an example by conducting business fairly and ethically. That’s why we’ve developed a clear framework for employees, suppliers and subcontractors. 


GEFCO adheres to a strict set of business ethics which are in line with the 10 principles of the United Nations’ Global Compact. We have been a signatory for more than a decade, committing to preventing conflicts of interest, treating suppliers fairly, respecting international trade control regulations, ensuring fair competition, and fighting corruption and money laundering. We set robust KPIs on employee training on ethics, IT security and internal control. 


Train our employees on business ethics 

We have developed specific policies on anti-corruption, competition law, export control and personal data. To ensure employees know and comply with these rules, local laws and regulatory requirements, we update our Operating Guidelines annually. We have also set up a strict compliance program for suppliers and subcontractors and have published a new Sustainable Purchasing Charter (SPC) to share our ethical values with our suppliers. Our goal is to ensure training on fair business practices for relevant employees every 18 months.  


Strengthen our IT security 

GEFCO has implemented new procedures related to personal data storage, the exercising of personal data rights, and notifications around breaches of personal data. To raise awareness of cybersecurity risks, a global training campaign was launched covering: phishing, password protection, and safe navigation on the internet. These efforts aim to better protect sensitive data and GEFCO’s broader business. Our goal, in strengthening our IT security for our organization and our customers, is to continuously implement measures to ensure we are not vulnerable to cyberattacks.  


Reinforce robustness of our internal control 

Well anchored in our Operational Guidelines, internal control has always been a priority for GEFCO and it is everyone's responsibility! All GEFCO employees contribute to the implementation of the Group internal control system in the framework of their duties, to ensure a good control of all the major risks of the organization. Our global objective is to guarantee operational effectiveness and efficiency, reliable financial reporting, and compliance with laws, regulations and internal policies. Today, our goal is to further reinforce the robustness of our internal control mechanism. We are doing our best to achieve, by 2030, a rate of 90% of GEFCO entities showing an “efficient” grade in the annual internal control self-assessment.  

Code of Ethics


Our Code of Ethics is designed not only for employees but also suppliers and subcontractors to ensure high standards across our supply chain.


Blow the whistle!

Our whistleblowing system helps employees and suppliers express any concerns they may have on GEFCO’s business conduct. This system is managed by an external provider to guarantee anonymity. 

Anything to report?

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