#4 Boost customer trust with innovation

GEFCO is committed to meeting our customers’ needs as they evolve, which means working alongside partners to innovate, digitalize and streamline our services.


Our innovation efforts are broadly geared towards improving operational efficiency and productivity, with the aim of enhancing our value added to our employees, suppliers, and customers. This is why we are aligned on KPI’s centering on two strategic topics: building our green services and improving visibility on our supply chain performance, including CO2 emissions.

Build our green services portfolio 
GEFCO is transforming its offering alongside the needs of our customers to offer green benefits, enabling them to achieve their own sustainability objectives. We’re dedicated to developing and proposing solutions that rely on effective alternative fuels, more efficient fleets, and optimisation of routes, networks and loadings.

Improve visibility on our supply chain performance 
In addition, we are working to improve visibility of our CO2 emissions on regular flows to enable our teams, suppliers and customers to take informed action towards sustainable impact. We will also pursue our efforts in providing track and trace capabilities to our clients to offer solid data on 100% of our regular flows.

Green offers

At GEFCO, green offers are services which reduce the environmental impact of the offering, for example reducing water consumption, emissions or waste attached to the realization of one of our services. We call these reductions “green benefits’. These can be direct (directly reducing the environmental impact) or indirect (consulting service on CO2 reduction through logistic optimization, measurement of emissions, etc.).