Partners, unlimited

A new brand signature

In 2018, GEFCO developed its Infinite Proximity™ concept by launching a new brand logo and a new signature "GEFCO. Partners, unlimited" to reflect the Group’s commitment to go the extra mile for customers—whatever their needs, wherever they operate.

The "GEFCO. Partners, unlimited" signature reflects the Group’s desire to push back boundaries for customers and to rise to the most demanding supply chain challenges. The yellow square bordering the word “GEFCO” symbolizes a window of opportunity and an opening to a world of possibilities that GEFCO offers our customers. 

GEFCO's vision, mission, values and beliefs

Our vision

At GEFCO, our aim is to become one of the most innovative and influential players in supply chain transformation to meet technological, social and environmental challenges. ​

We believe we create value through cooperation.​

Our open mindset and the humility to listen and learn from our partners take us the extra mile.​
This is GEFCO’s Infinite Proximity™​

Our mission

Our global network is driven by the desire to push back boundaries and respond with agility to the most demanding challenges.​

​We explore and invent flexible and smart solutions. ​

​We build long-lasting cooperation and earn the trust of our partners every day.​

​We are proud of our unwavering commitment to excellence.​

Our values

We are strongest when working as a team with shared values. We are: ​

  • Agile​​
  • Caring​
  • Cooperative​
  • Trustworthy​
  • Courageous​

Our beliefs

We have a unique sense of Infinite Proximity™.​
We are proud of the history that has forged our expertise. It has taught us to listen and learn from our partners, exploring the best ways to build long-term relationships and share growth.​
We push back the boundaries, overcoming the most demanding supply chain challenges and inventing lasting solutions to our partners’ needs.​
We share core commitments in our global network: strong cooperation, agility, courage, caring and trust.​
We are strongest when working as a team with shared values.​
We increase trust day by day through our reliability and our results.​
We are Partners, unlimited™. ​