We go the extra mile!

Partnership is key

At GEFCO, we believe that long-lasting cooperation with partners is the key to shared growth. Building on 70 years of expertise and a long tradition of excellence in the automotive industry, we design smart, flexible solutions for complex supply chains. Today, the GEFCO Group is the European leader in automotive logistics, and a top 10 global partner in multimodal supply chain solutions. 

Business lines

  • GEFCO Finished Vehicles Logistics
  • GEFCO Overland & Contract Logistics  
  • GEFCO Air & Sea
  • GEFCO Industry Services

Comprehensive services

  • Core Freight: A full range of national and international transport solutions (air, road, ocean and rail)
  • Integrated Logistics: Inbound and outbound optimised solutions managed by a single point of contact, acting to guarantee the performance of your overall supply chain
  • Strategic-Xpert: 4PL expertise centre that guarantees the sustainable optimisation of your supply chain
  • One Time Solutions: Tailored solutions for your urgent shipments, event logistics and industrial projects
  • Geo-Gateways: Optimised and secure door-to-door geographic solutions
  • Industry Solutions: Integrated solutions dedicated to your industry 

Industry expertise

GEFCO customers benefit from sector-specific expertise in a growing number of business sectors:

  • Aerospace and defence
  • Automotive car makers and suppliers
  • 2Wheelers
  • Consumer goods
  • Body care 
  • Energy 
  • Food
  • Retail
  • Fashion 
  • Heavy equipment 
  • High-tech and home equipment 
  • Industrial manufacturers
  • Life Sciences and Healthcare 


GEFCO’s aim is to be innovative and influential in supply chain transformation and help customers meet their evolving technological, social and environmental challenges. The Group is proud of its ability to nurture innovation both internally and with external partners and offer pioneering solutions in line with changing industry needs.






3.8 billion

turnover in 2020