#6 Cut our global emissions

Faced with the climate emergency, we’ve made ambitious commitments to transform our operations while helping our partners reduce their environmental footprint. Specifically, we’re aiming to reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions in our owned fleets and buildings by 40% and Scope 3 emissions from our subcontractors by 30%.


This ambitious but feasible commitment will see GEFCO offering low-carbon solutions that will directly cater to the changing needs of our customers. Success on this journey will require bringing together the efforts and expertise of all of our teams and close collaborations with our partners, suppliers and customers.

Reduce the fleets’ carbon emissions
Our action plan considers the specificities of our different geographies, types of assets, current and future technologies, the simplest to the most complex solutions as well as operational levers. In addition to testing alternative fuels in real conditions, we’re working on schemes to lower the carbon intensity of our network. Route and load optimization as well as multimodal solutions play a significant role in this process. 

Reduce our sites’ carbon emissions
GEFCO’s numerous on-site energy management projects include, for example, retrofitting sites with LED lighting and installing photovoltaic canopies and electric charging points on our compounds to reduce our sites’ total CO2 footprint. Numerous examples are already in place as of today.

The new Silk Road by GEFCO​​​​​​​

GEFCO continued to expand its ‘New Silk Road’ offering to its freight forwarding customers, providing rail solutions between Europe and Asia. Currently, 95% of trade between China and Europe is delivered by sea, yet this mode of freight is slow and has a high air pollution impact. GEFCO’s investment in the region allows us to offer customers a rail solution that is twice as fast as the maritime alternative and emits five times less CO2.

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