GEFCO’s endowment fund

GEFCARES is partnering with three charitable organizations in 2019.

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Restaurants from the Heart

French comedian Coluche created Les Restaurants du Coeur in 1985 with a famous speech on a major French radio station, Europe 1. The aim of this association is to assist individuals and families in need by providing free meals and participating in their social and economic integration, as well as fighting poverty in all its forms. Infos

How we help? 

  • Provide food aid: Collect food. €1 = 1 meal
  • Offer logistics support: Finance are frigerated truck and organize food transport
  • Help children: Enable children to go on holiday for the first time

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The Women’s Palace

Founded in 1926, Le Palais de la Femme is an establishment of the Salvation Army, aimed at preventing the social exclusion of women, including migrants, by providing emergency shelter, longer-term housing and assistance with integrating the workplace. The beneficiaries may be students, employees, job seekers and/or victims of family breakdowns. Infos

How we help?

  • Improve the lives of children: Equip nurseries with furniture, clothing and toys
  • Help vulnerable women: Provide day and night emergency shelter
  • Help women return to work: Facilitate childcare

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The Togolese Children’s Charity

Avenir Enfance Togo is a Togolese nongovernmental organization (NGO) founded in 2008 to support underprivileged children, widows and families in Lomé, the capital city. This NGO provides social and medical assistance and supports education for children. Sub Saharan Africa is the world’s poorest region. Education is key to its future development. Infos

How we help?

  • Support child education: Build classrooms and provide a library
  • Develop IT skills: Provide a computer room for pupils
  • Light for Education: Provide solar lamps to help with homework at night

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GEFCO is committed to building strong relationships with employees, customers and partners. In our day-to-day business, we rise to the most demanding supply chain challenges and always go the extra mile to make a difference.

Our unique culture is reflected in our ‘Partners, unlimited’ signature. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand our partners’ needs and respond with smart, flexible solutions, boundless energy and a truly borderless vision.

At GEFCO we believe that ‘together we are stronger’. We play an active role in our communities, adding value to local economies through our business activities and employment. We are now expanding our local partnerships with a new endowment fund, GEFCARES. Our aim is to support charitable initiatives in France and abroad to improve the lives of people in need. We invite you to join us!

GEFCARES in the community
The GEFCARES endowment fund supports charitable initiatives aimed at helping people in need. Partnering with wellknown charitable institutions, we support initiatives that fight hunger, provide housing, offer education and training opportunities, and facilitate social and professional integration.

A non-profit organization
GEFCARES is a non-profit organization able to receive donations and redistribute them to our charitable partners. The endowment fund is registered in France and governed by a supervisory board responsible for implementing GEFCO’s charitable plan. The board also ensures that GEFCARES’ donations bring real value to the people and projects we support.

The GEFCARES supervisory board is composed of a chairman and three administrators:

  • Pierre-Jean Lorrain, Member of the GEFCO Management Board, GEFCARES Chairman
  • Emmanuel Cheremetinski, Member of the GEFCO Management Board, GEFCARES Administrator
  • Susan Marro, GEFCO Executive Vice President, GEFCARES Administrator
  • Stéphane Milhet, GEFCO Executive Vice President, GEFCARES Administrator

Partner with GEFCO to help make a difference in the community

GEFCARES welcomes donations from individuals and companies
Donations made in France are eligible for tax savings. A fi scal receipt will be sentto all donors.
Donations made to the endowment fund are eligible to tax deduction if the fund pays these donations to associations or organizations of general interest located in France or in the European Union.
Donations made to associations or organizations located outside the European Union are not eligible to tax deduction.

For more information, please contact: Michele AFFORTIT - +33 (0)1 49 05 27 41 -

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Benefits for corporate donations

Companies can benefit from tax savings representing 60% of the amount of their donation, capped at 0.5% of their gross revenues. If this ceiling is exceeded or the company’s profi ts are negative, the excess can be carried over to the following fi ve fi nancial years to benefi t from tax savings. Companies may choose between an alternative ceiling of €10,000, or the one of 0.5% of their gross revenues when the latter amount is higher. Companies who donate more than €10,000 (payments in the scope of the tax deduction) must report to the tax authorities within the deadline set for the fi ling of income tax return, for the year in which donations are made.

A company with revenues of €1 million in year Y can benefi t from tax saving up to 60% of the donation, capped at 0.5% of its revenues, (i.e. €5,000).
A €5,000 donation allows for a €3,000 tax saving.

Benefits for individual donations

French resident Individuals benefi t from tax deductions of up to 66% of the amount of their donation, capped at 20% of their taxable income. If this limit is exceeded, the excess amount can be carried over to the following five years. To benefi t, tax payers must send their GEFCARES donation receipt with their income tax declaration.

If you donate €200 - the tax saving is €132.
If you donate €1,000 - the tax saving is €660.

Foreign donors
Foreign donors must contact the tax offi ce of his country of residence to check whether a similar regime is applicable in his country for donations made in France.
The GEFCO Group pledges to match donations up to €150,000.