Corporate Social Responsability

Helping to build a positive future

At GEFCO, being a responsible company means building mutually beneficial partnerships throughout the entire value chain.

We see sustainability as a solid foundation for increasing employee engagement, building closer relationships with suppliers and customers, respecting the environment and making a positive contribution to local communities. In short, accountability is a key driver of our business growth.

Towards a better world - empowering change

GEFCO has adopted external global standards, such as the United Nations Global Compact, which sets out 17 principles on human rights, labor, the environment and corruption prevention that correspond to 17 specific objectives on sustainable development.

At the same time, we are introducing our own policies. For example, our Global Framework Agreement on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) promotes best practices in human resources and environmental management, while our Code of Ethics supports human rights, employee health and safety, and environmental protection worldwide. GEFCO is also setting up processes to monitor our progress and empower employees to take the right action. GEFCO’s Ethics Committee and independent third parties monitor overall performance, while our whistleblowing system enables all employees to report unethical behavior.

2017 CSR Report

In accordance with these global issues, its history and its vision, GEFCO has been bound since 2009 by the obligations of the United Nations Global Compact on Human Rights, international labour standards, the environment and the fight against corruption. The values of the GEFCO Group reflect this commitment, and in particular the desire for cooperation and the drive to forge partnerships with the entire value chain.

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