GEFCO has been awarded the HAPPYTRAINEES 2018 label!

The Talent and Campus Management team is proud to announce that: GEFCO has been awarded the HAPPYTRAINEES 2018 label
Last year, the survey conducted among young work-study placement students and interns at the GEFCO France and Corporate head offices, and young VIE* volunteers in the subsidiaries, led to GEFCO receiving the award for the first time.

This year, we extended this survey to all young people working at GEFCO, whether on internships, work-study placements or VIE contracts.

The young people surveyed in France and in our foreign subsidiaries expressed their day-to-day perception of GEFCO and evaluated their experience in terms of 6 aspects: professional progression – work environment – management – motivation – pride – fun/pleasure. Certification for this 100% participatory and 100% digital survey is based on the participation rate, the overall score and the recommendation.

These young people gave an overall score of 4/5, with 93.8% declaring they would recommend GEFCO to their friends for an internship, a work-study placement or a VIE contract.

Thanks to these results, GEFCO has climbed to the top of the global and European rankings of companies awarded the HappyTrainees World and HappyTrainees Europe labels:

The GEFCO Group was also awarded labels for France, Turkey and the Czech Republic:

Virginie Outerovitch, Group Talent Director “We are delighted to have been awarded these HappyTrainees labels, proof of the confidence and trust the young people within the Group place in us. In the context of globalisation, innovation and digitalisation, the young talents of today are tomorrow’s future. Apprenticeship, professionalisation and training are the keys to success and performance levers for our Group. Join us to build the future of GEFCO**! ” 

* International Volunteering in Business
**All of our internship, work-study placement or VIE contract offers are posted on our recruitment website: www.gefco-careers.net